Saturday, June 5, 2010

Yahoo Answers: Being a Beauty Consultant
Another Yahoo Answer experience that I wana share here! I feel like a real beauty consultant/ esthetician now! xD She picked my answer out of the other 9!

She's from Australia and she's 13 years old.

Hi! Im a 13 year old girl and i have acne on my jawline/lower cheeks. On each side there is about 5 really small bums and 1 like small zit. idk what to do... i was my face every morning and night, i do facial masks. i moisturize. what can i do? thanks.

My answer was...

You should see a beauty therapist/ dermatologist. They'll know what to do with you. Your case is pretty serious, not just little zits and 1-2 spots. They'll consult you on what to use, what to eat and your lifestyle has to change- maybe you stress too much or you don't exercise well. Stress will cause your homones too be crazy and cause breakouts too and exercise will improve blood circulation and that contributes to a good complexion too.

p/s: I hear that it's hormones that does the pimples and crazy breakouts at the jaw area. So eat well, relax and exercise.

By the mean time, drink lots of water, relax and get something for your zits- say products with salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, witch hazel. Good luck.

Aaaand she rated me 5 stars and gave me a heart . =)

I think it is true that the cause of the zits forming or going crazy at your jawline only is due to your hormones. If it isn't, it shouldn't be just at the same area only. =)

Even my brother who's in his 18 year old body is suffering the same thing- teens have will experience hormonal imbalance at some point of their life.

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