US Fish Spa is Expensive

June 23, 2010

I saw this videao at on Fish Spa.

Shocked to find out that it's priced at U$45 dollars!! That's like, paying for a fish spa here in KK at least 4 times! It's crazy. I don't know which shop they went to...but I think it's the average price there.

It seems that the Gara Rufa fish secretes an enzyme that is beneficial for the human skin. I just knew this!

I haven't get to try it, since the only fish spa I know here is in 1 B and I never see the shop itself. It's hidden, according to my friend. I mean, It's not visible if you're just lingering at the center of 1 B and not discovering the nooks and crooks of the floor.

Have you tried it? How was your experience? Would love to hear it!

Shine on,


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