Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sports Event: Adidas F50
1 b sports event adidas f50

Adidas now invites the public to join their F50 adizero Speed Trial. They are now offering you free trial of their new F50 adizero and show how fast can you go with it by playing football!

Register now and stand a chance to win adidas shopping voucher, adidas FIFA 2010 Merchandise, the official World Cup mini match ball “Jabulani” and EA FIFA Game! All participants will receive an adidas shopping voucher* worth RM50 for purchase of F50 adizero boots and an exclusive adidas FIFA 2010 Merchandise.

There are only two categories, "Under 18 Year Olds" or "Men’s Open".

Adidas Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur - 9th-13th June 2010
Sunway Pyramid, Selangor - 18th-20th June 2010
Adidas Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur - 25th-27th June 2010
1Borneo, Sabah & Sarawak - 25th-27th June 2010

You can also try on their F50 adizero boots and see if it enhances your striking ability. Take your fastest shot, cool prizes await the winner!

Just click here to register.

Ready your gears and set off on 25th June 2010! Get your World Cup groove on!

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