Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Review: Cat Food Name Qiut and Jolly Cat
Remember the time when I last went to the vet for my cat, Snowy? It was SAMC, luyang.

cat food review whiskas friskies qiut

There was an SAMC pet store just across the road next to it.I bought 3 more food for my cats in cans, wet ones that is. I saw 2 brands only that has food for kittens, Qiut and Jolly Cat. Funny thing is, I can't find their websites. It's like these two brands don't exist!

I got two types from Qiut, Pilchard and Tuna Fish with Sasami Topping. On Jolly Cat, I got the one with Omega 3, Vitamins and Taurine. All three are manufactured in Thailand. I'm done with the Qiut Tuna Fish with Sasami Topping and Jolly Cat, Qiut Pilchard will be opened soon. =)

The Qiut Tuna Fish with Sasami Topping was very nice, the sasami topping was very interesting! Opened the can and there it was, some of it on top of the food. It was like fish snack, soft, long, thin ones. It doesn't have that orang-ey gel that makes the food bond together, like Whiskas or Friskies.

Jolly Cat was okay, it's super wet, as the nutritional info down below says, 85%! xD The orang-ey gel was made from plants! Can you believe that? Not sure what, but imagine, cats eating plants- a lot of it at once! xD

I can't wait to open the Qiut Pilchard can! Cats are loving them all so far, so no worries~

cat food review whiskas friskies qiut

Here's the nutritional info of the Qiuts, the Tuna Fish with Sasami Topping on the left side, Pilchard on the right side. I wondered, what is crude protein? It is an estimate of the total protein of a feed, can include true protein and other nitrogen containing substances such as ammonia, amino acids and nitrates. Guess pet food are healthier than us eyh? Tuna wins by 17% over 11%! xD And there's this Ash, it seems to be known to cause lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD), which isn't so true. Ash is produced when the meat is cooked and the ash contains calcium, magnesium, calcium, potassium and other trace minerals. Moisture is higher in Pilchard than Tuna, but as in health-wise, I'd go for Tuna next time. =)

cat food review whiskas friskies qiut
Here's Jolly Cat's! It's moisture content is higher than Qiut Pilchard's, 85%! Protein still loses to Qiut Tuna's. So Qiut excels more for me.

Prices are RM5.30 for both Qiuts and RM4.40 for Jolly Cat. =3

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