Thursday, June 17, 2010

Nature in Danger at Sg Kinabatangan River
nature sg kinabatangan in danger sand threat

Our Kinabatangan river is in danger! It's reportedly that barges have been taking sand from our dear river since several weeks ago!!

The chief warden of the Kinabatangan Orangutan Conservation Project, Azri Sawang, told that he can't do anything about it. Why? Because those barges have approval letter from the State Department of Environmental Protection itself. What?? Are they insane?? How much money they took anyway? This needs explanation from the department itself or they'll have all Sabahans hating them!

To make matters worse, this digging activity has a permit to enable them to dig sand for a whole entire year!

Villagers are confused. They hear of the gorvernment wanting to save this river and all, then what is this? The Sabah Wildlife Department can't do anything about it too, since the the digging has the approval.

No no. This can't be left unsaid, no action taken. Somebody do something please! Save those suffering animals!

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  1. The good thing is, action has been taken! See here; All thanks to Datuk Masidi.


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