Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Cat Went to The Vet
Sent my baby to the vet just now! Just got back, Snowy's pretty dizzy due to the injections.

my cat sent to SAMC sabah animal medical center

Snowy, the day before yesterday, started to have this smelly saliva (or so I think) around his mouth and I didn't realize about this, I thought it was just plain water.

So today I got to get him to the vet, SAMC (Sabah Animal Medical Center) here in Luyang. It's practically behind the Petronas station, 1-2 streets away. I never been there, never registered there. =p

There's a SAMC pet shop right next to it across the street now! How nice of it, very convenient. =)

When I arrived, Snowy directly felt the coldness of the room. He became scared, he crouched and I had to hold his hand/chest so that he doesn't run away. Registered him and I, then waited. It was like, 5 minutes and I was called in. The doctor is still young, about 25+ only. Snowy was soooo scared and shivered. The aircond was directly blowing down on him! xD Poor thing, I hugged him with my left hand and pressed him to my tummy.

The doctor said that he's got a virus. And now he has an ulcer because of it (the doctor opened his mouth and boy, it was like, nearly half of his tounge is infected!). She said it might've been long since he got it, but only now then he's showing symptoms. So the treatment would be injections. Oh lord you can't imagine how scared I was for him when I saw how long the injection was. Inches! xO And worse, there were 4 of it!

First two of the injections was okay, Snowy could take it. Then when the last 2 was given....he pretty much jumped, but the nurses hold him. My poor baby...And I have to take him back again for another series of the injections, 3 times if I'm not mistaken. Till Sunday then..

I asked if this will cure him, the doctor say it might, but some cases it might get worse. Oh lord...I hope he gets better...Allah please make Snowy better again...I want to see him playing and jumping again...

The advice given was only give him soft, wet food. Giving him dry food will be painful. No wonder he finished up the steamed fish I gave him for breakfast this morning! Usually, since he got the ulcer, he eats little. Like, half of the food he will normally take. Bensi will be the one who finishes it all. Poor Snowy...

my cat sent to SAMC sabah animal medical center

Snowy was pretty sleepy-looking right after the injection, in the car, he closed his eyes. When he got back home, here he is, sleeping quietly on his favourite playing post. xD

I sure hope he gets healthy again, I hate to see him miserable and sad now..

Yesterday, I searched for vet clinics in KK, pretty surprised to find out that there are like, 5 of it here! I thought SAMC is the only one! There's one in Penampang, Luyang and another in Taman Fu Yen if I'm not mistaken...

Shine on,



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