Monday, June 7, 2010

Kiss During MTV Movie Awards by Sandra Bullock and Scarlett Johansson
sandra bullock kissed scarlett joansson during mtv movie awards

Sandra, 45, got the Generation Award "for her riveting and diverse contributions to the film industry."

Johansson, 25, was there too.

"Scarlett....I love you and all but this is a little uncomfortable...why are you here?" Bullock began.

Said Johansson: "Well, since Ryan (Ryan Reynolds;Sandra's costar, Scarlett's husband) was working, I wanted to be here in his place when you guys won Best Kiss."
"That’s so nice," Bullock replied. "But we didn’t win."

"Right...well...I thought you should have was a great kiss," said Johansson.
The two then slowly moved closer.

"It looked like such a great kiss," said Johansson.

"It was," Bullock told her. "It really was."

They then kissed.

"Now that we have done that, can we please go back to normal – because therapy is really expensive," she said.

Wow. Reminds me of 'I Kissed a Girl' by Katy Perry.

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