Saturday, June 5, 2010

The End of My Study in Beauty Therapy
Hi all....I just had my Beauty Therapy exam in City and Guild yesterday. Theory one, which means the last exam for me for the whole course.

The day started with me rushing for breakfast. xD Punya kelam-kabut saya p beli tu barang makan sana Artos. It was 9 am that time and 9.30 am the exam starts. xD God knows what I was thinking. Well I had no breakfast, that's why.

Took tuna sandwich. Ate like I never ate one in my life. It was RM1.80 by the way. Wholemeal too. =)

Mr Francis Lo came...we were still opening books and Woman asked me questions. We went in, sat in the room for 2 hours. I didn't know the time, so it was practically 5 minutes to passing up our papers that I actually, made it. I finished the whole thing on time, then I used the other 5 minutes to check back my paper...correct a few things...

I made mistakes there, I thought I was putting answers for question 19, turned out I was putting them on question 20's. After putting all 4 points then only I realized it. >.< I cancelled the question numbers of course. I put 'a)' for questions that doesn't even have a 'b)' xD. Funny me. Lucky I checked.

Lunch at Upperstar, the whole time I was seizing the moment, I was feeling it, the moment, the time we're gona eat there on our last day at school.

Then before I went home...lets just say I'm not good at saying goodbyes without crying. xD

Teacher gave her blessing, I fee motivated again. I feel like that's all I need to succeed.

I text her again at night, saying I wasn't finish. xD Cried again. xD

Shine on,


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