Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Download Game Client for Perfect World
Hi all! I've been stuck at downloading the game client for the online game Perfect World Malaysia for like, weeks- say 3 weeks. I've been google-ING it until the 30th page and searching it physically over KK. The only place I know that sells online CD games is the one in Wisma Merdeka only, which, didn't find my luck there.

I finally posted on Perfect World's forum about it.

When someone finally came up with a link/website for me to download the game client from, I got it already by then. I just copied it from Varsity in Damai. It's near Yoyo/Sweet Daily, 1st floor. xD

So I just wana share this forum link, just in case somebody wants it, you know. So...happy gaming! ^^

Shine on,


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