Friday, June 11, 2010

Disabled Lady Died Tragically
A girl (OKU- Orang Kurang Upaya) was severly injured, believed to be due to hit and run accident elsewhere before being dumped in the middle of the road near the Centre Point building. This happened last night, 10th June 2010, Thursday.

She was found half naked with only her underwear with her 25 year-old body in a very serious, near-death condition. She died on the way to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

Shocking thing was, she didn't have IC with her. Which..puzzles me. Maybe the criminal didn't want police to find out who she was? Maybe they're fleeing as I type this? Why abandon her at the side of the road? Pity? Humane feelings started to run into their bloodstream? Whatever it is, I hope they find whoever did it and her family.

How can this happen?? God KK's not safe anymore!! Police, DO YOUR JOB!

Shine on,


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