Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day Shop: 1 B for Burner
day shop 1 b pet burner essential oil

Hi all! Wana show you guys what I bought at Kaison, One Borneo recently! I bought the the Body Shop Essential Oil in Quiet Night recently and it was my first-bought essential oil, besides those for skin care. =p

I bought an essential oil burner, candles for the burner (can't use regular candles underneath the burner eyh?) and a dog brush. xD I know it's for dogs, but I just thought, Snowy and Bensi will love it, and they do! xD They purr whenever I brush on them! xD

day shop at 1 b burner essential oil

I love this owl, there were few other more choices, but it was all square and blah, not nice. Nothing interesting in them. When I laid my eyes on this one, I can imagine straight away how it will look with fire behind it in a black cold night. And that felt good. =)

And guess what? Each item in the shop is all RM5! How nice it is? Excluding small decorating/stationery stuff, I think the goods are reasonably priced. =)

I thought of Daiso which was there before Kaison, I wonder why they exist no more.. =/


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