Monday, June 14, 2010

AF8 Student Was Possessed
possessed af8 student

The students' previous home during the competition back at Shah Alam, Selangor is haunted!

Mingguan mStar succeeded on cracking this story up last night!

It seems that one of the student, Dayang Nor Anum Ahrun atau Anum was the victim. It was on this one night where she was sick and she asked another colleague, Adira, to accompany her to the toilet as she was about to throw up. It was then Anum got possessed and started to laugh and scream with this manly voice, agressively.

possessed af8 student

Other fellow male participants of AF8 was also called to help with the situation, Daus and Shahir. They all with the other production crew read 'surah Yassin' for about one to two hours.

Details are here.

The ex-academy principle, Norman Abdul Halim, told that Astro had held 'majlis doa selamat' and 'tahlil' beforehand. That's weird. Maybe the 'thing' came after that?
Whatever reason it may be, I'm sure all of the students are relieved that they're finally out now. xD

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