Saturday, May 29, 2010

Review: GSC at Suria Sabah
Last Friday, I went to Suria Sabah to watch 3-D Shrek Forever After but didn't get to for 3 of it's movie shows till 5pm were selling fast that time, the line was full mid-way and I can't stay out at night. My guy saw Prince of Persia was out already from the showtime board, like a boy who saw this biggest cotton candy he has ever seen, he said he wana watch it. xD Ooookay darling let's watch it...

The look of the whole area was different, bigger and I don't feel like I was in KK that time. =p Maybe because of the little/non-existance of pilaks, which, contributes more to my favour for Suria Sabah (One Borneo's getting infested with pilaks). I seriously hope Suria Sabah won't be like One Borneo.

The concessionaire place (sells popcorns and stuff) offers wider range of snacks and drinks, more packages (I love the one that offers mineral water with popcorn ^^).

Oh and the cinema itself! I was at cinema 1, and couple seat. The whole line were couple seats, surprisingly wider than pre-existing cinemas and the leg area were big too!! People can actually pass without touching my feet! xD I love it! But the back part, for the head was pretty high and we couldn't tilt our heads. =p But still, I love it!

Even the walls of the cinema was decorated with this 3-D movie roll, each on one side and it shuts off when the movie starts.

Ticket price for couple seat was RM22 and for single ones are RM9. The extra RM4 was worth it. =)

We went to Pizza Hut (down below, ground floor) and the whole store concept was so interesting! Seats and table settings were arranged in such a manner that gives more privacy to customers (small shop I must say), but decorated beautifully. You must try eat there. We tried the new Fish King pizza too! Oh my lord it's the next best thing to eat after Hawaian Chicken!

Other than Pizzaa Hut were Kenny Rogers, KFC, this new franchise-Malay theme restaurant and food court (I think it was at the 2/3rd floor).

Verdict? I'd go there instead of Centre Point now! xD That is, if I wana see movie and eat only la.

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