Thursday, May 13, 2010

Online Game: Perfect World is Nicer than Q World!
I played Q World before, like, last year if I'm not mistaken and stopped playing it due to severe addiction of it- imagine getting back home at 7pm, bathe, eat and start playing from 8+pm till 12-2am. xD My guy was annoyed and disappointed at me all the time due to late replies or callbacks (yeah I know, I was bad). It all came to a point where he really had enough of it and it just snapped at me- I HAD TO STOP! (Lucky me I realized that, if not.. xD God knows what will happen!)

p.s: you can skip these 3 paragraphs below, it's not about what I was gona say for this post! xD Sorry!

So...I gave all my nice items, my golds (about 100+ golds), my pets (by giving them both of our Q World passwords) to a trusted friend (so-called). I told that friend to share my and my guy's wealth with everybody in the guild. It turned out that this friend didn't do that and went selfish and shared with another friend only, which is in the guild too. I went mad. These two people are pretty close, like we're friends in Friendster too and the other friend is Sabahan, like me and my guy.

I got to know the news when this another friend from semenanjung text me on my phone and I asked how was everything. Then the friend start pouring everything. How furious was I...I deleted the two idiots but I couldn't sign into my Q World acocunt anymore. My guy, who was soooo clever, that's why I love him so much, he just went to our Cubizone accounts and changed our Q World passwords. How clever is that?!! He said those two crooks took everything from our characters and our characters were basically wearing the very clothes for newbies in the game.

Then those two idiots started asking me in friendster why they can't sign into our accounts anymore. I didn't reply them. So did my guy. And recently, this year, my guy saw this another friend of the friend that I gave my password to and padan muka dia, is now single and no longer play any game I think. xD

Okay sorry for the boring story of mine, I just wana get it off my chest.

So now for Perfect World, several weeks before I started to miss playing online game. xD So I searched for online games. Then I found Shaiya. Wow I was so excited when I see the sexy ladies, beasts and wonderful graphic!

But when I went to register for the game, it seems like the update patches for the game isn't available in Malaysia. Darn!

So silly Del went to see online game from MALAYSIA xD and found Perfect World!

I tried it yesterday for a while, like 5 min I think. It was sooo nice! Nicer than Q World itself! It has more actions and the graphic and everything is pretty much the same like Q World! It has NPCs and I even got a new friend (who was also new, like me). xD

I also learnt that when you wana play this game, you have to register, right? NOT ONLY that mister! You have to go activate the game first! I didn't and that was why, no wonder, I can't log into the game. xD I was wondering, why I can't sign into the game. Then I remembered about activating games from my account. xD

Can't wait to install it to my computer...I've been searching for it's installer and can't find it! >.< I tried downloading but I'm just not good at it! balik2 error! If somebody knows how or where to go about this, please do comment here!

Shine on,


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