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Ip Man 2 Review
ip man 2 2010 starring donnie yen
Last night I watched Ip man 2! Sequel to first one, Ip Man. The first movie was awesome, historical background, lots of action and the actors and actresses were great. Ip Man 2 shows the same exhiliration and blood rush like Ip Man.

yip man ip man 2 review
Yip Man

Same like Ip Man, the movie Ip Man 2 is based on the life of Ip Man (Yip Man), a Grandmaster of Wing Chun martial arts.

The movie features great actors and actresses, not forget to mention budding stars such as Donnie Yen, Sammo Hung, Huang Xiao Ming, Xiong Dai Lin, Simon Yam, Fan Sui Wong, Calvin Cheng, To Yue-Hong, Li Chak, Kent Cheng (remember Fei Mao? xD) and Pierre Ngo.

This movie is the continued story of Ip Man at the point where Ip Man was shot by Miura's deputy Sato and escaped to Hong Kong with his family. Ip Man 2 is about him starting a Wing Chun school there and a very cute ending where 10 year-old Bruce Lee came and wanted to be his student.

The movie made my blood rush and laugh a little along the way. Set in the 1950's mood, it depicts such Chinese culture of drinking tea, humbleness and respecting your teacher. It also shows patriotism when Sammo Hung (Master Hung Chun-nam) stood up against the boxing guy, Twister, who thinks boxing is greater than chinese martial arts. Master Hung got killed for his country (cried on this one) and Ip Man battled against Twister and won in the end, giving him blows to the head just like how Twister did to Master Hung. It could've been longer cuz I'd feel more satisfied if the action is prolonged. xD

At the end, Ip Man meets his newborn child who was delivered before his match between Twister. I just love happy endings. As the closure, a scene of little Bruce Lee (the Jeet Kune Do founder). I think more people would sign up for Wing Chun classes after watching this!

My rating? 9/10!

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  1. I really loved ip man2. i feel it was better than the 1st one. there's so many western movies where they makes asians look stupid and weak. this kinda movies have brainwashed asian people to believe the wester is superior. this movie really made me feel proud. even tho i'm not chinese i just felt so proud.

  2. I love it too! I can't wait for a third one! Yea I totally agree with you, history says it all, they invaded countries and called asians coolie. Feels good to have this kind of movie around. =)

  3. i really love Ip Man 2, i like the concept of the movie, and the actor is great!!! the simplicity shown by Ip Man touches my heart, I am a big fan of him. I have also watched Ip Man 1 and awesome action scenes!!!! can't wait for Ip Man 3... Congratulations!!!!

  4. Me too! Can't wait for the next one! I hope it will be about him training Bruce Lee or something!


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