Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Gift On My Birthday
gift present birthday sasa
I celebrated my birthday on the 18th, last Wednesday. So here's the summary of it.

I was wrapping up the practical session we just had. I, was the Do-er, so I was supposed to clean up and arrange everything back to order. Suddenly, "Happy birthday to you..." and the rest of the song-NOT SURE! Cuz I was shocked and speechless and stared at the package only all the time! xD

I got and electrical eyelash curler, really small and I just need one 3AAA battery to operate it. Cher's been using it since she got her really nice lipglosses and she's been using this for curling her eyelash- nice result. ^^ Haven't try it yet, I forgot to buy the battery. xD And from woman is The Face Shop Home Aesthetic Hydrating Milk Pack.

Thank you thank you thank you you both!! ^^

gift present birthday sasa the face shop

I went to Watsons to replace my QVS Astro Tweezer. Don't know where I put it in the house... >.< So I went to Watsons and bought this one! It's the same brand, only different style. It's RM10.90.

gift present birthday watsons tweezer qvs

I bought this for...RM7.45. It was on sale, 50% off! ^^ I took it cuz the ingredients are just what I like in lip balms- butters, aloe vera, oils. =D I love sticky ones as it lasts longer and protects my lips from dehydration.
gift present birthday lip balm mentholatum watsons

I got my Birthday voucher from The Body Shop, wanted to shop on the spot but dear darling had to go fast- got work with Jali. xD

And at night (yeah 18th was a long day, in a good way. xD) we went to Thien Thien to have dinner. There were these two young ladies, one of them went to us telling they're from this organization that helps children. Orphans I think, it's like, Family Trust or something. So they are volunteers and wana help those kids. I got this bracelet for RM10! ^^ I was iffy, I didn't see anything I really want...but biarla, for charity also. =p

kota kinabalu charity bracelet

kota kinabalu charity bracelet

So all in was a happy day! ^^ Maybe I'll be silent a while for my exam's coming up next Tuesday. I'll be up and about soon after! Thank you for reading!

Shine on,


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