Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Beauty Therapy Examination: City and Guild
Hi all! Yesterday was my beauty therapy examination! City and Guilds of course, it was the practical part. Gee we were super duper early to academy and I think, as far as I can remember, the neatest, nicest, cleanest look (make up, uniform) since I start studying there xD.

The exam was pretty late, 10.15am if I'm not mistaken. Ms Kitty came with a purple dress and white handbag. We decided to place her table (to check our portfolio's next to the table).

Facial exam was in the morning and body was in the afternoon. We were surprisingly FAST!! Seriously, the time in the instruction paper was 3 hours, Kitty said 2 hour 30 min only. We finished by 12pm! xD

Lunch, geez, was the fastest I ever had. Seriously. I tink it was less than 20 min, we tapau our food (ordering would be the silliest thing to do xD), 12.15pm start eating, around 12.40pm siap ody I eat. xD

Kelam kabut, ready our trolleys, Denise prepared her waxing stuff (we forgot to cover that yesterday with Cher). Body too, was done earlier than I expected! 1.15pm start, then I finished at 3.55pm! It was suppose to be 3 hours you know!

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