Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Story For the Day
Today we ate at Upperstar. Boy was I on the loose! xD I took fish and chips, shared baked potato soup (something like that, real tasty, with seafood), 2 meatballs (either crab or ), bite a bit on the apple pie danish and totally made myself super full! xD

Finally the juniors are back. One of the teachers told them off last week it seems. Wow, I'm surprised. Others don't seem to mind even a bit, puzzling me.

I saw a crack on my left heel! Oh my lord!! We were just gona go out and I saw it- forgot how, but I saw it myself! I got back, I used the foot rasp. Boy did I really scrub. xD Now it's gone, I put a lot of moisturizer on so that the skin heals nicely. Pray for me!

I went to the gym and I'm feeling so nice!! I missed my pink cheeks. ^^ I'm going fat by the way...tomorrow will be my diet day, till I kurus a bit!

Shine on,


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