Thursday, April 1, 2010

Spring Cleaned My Room
Hey guys! Last Sunday I bought stuff for nail art and I did it yesterday on Denise! Well...sorry aa, we took some more photos just now on her practical for our portfolio until the battery ran out, so...tomorrow I'll post my work ya!

Just now, teacher looked sick at the end of the day- again. All due to the sudden late submittance of the...stuff, to her, AGAIN. Denise poked my eye today during taking the pictures, I hope this won't do any bad, permanent effects on my eye. If not, I'll be Kassim Selamat in Ibu Mertuaku den. Palis-palis..

I spring-cleaned my room just now! A bit; I did the desk only in my room. As soon as I laid my eyes on them, memories popped in!

This was a card from a friend of mine, Sofia, for her 17th birthday at her house. I still remember her mom's delicious spaghetti man...missing it! She's a very funny girl, but very bright too (first class)!

The front page reads (don't mind the misspellings please);

"Do you have a feeling that your forgetting something? Why not try flip this card to find out~"
birthday card

On the left side;

"Dress cod: Uniquely and personally (Your unique style of yourself, something like that...)
My present: OPTIONAL! Just bringing yourself is a great gift already! But I wouldnm't mind having it though~~~
Read this: PLEASE COME!!!!!!! And don't care about the 'trial' thing, just come!!!!"

I have no idea what the 'trial thing' means..

And on the right side was this cute little kitty that says, "PLEASE COME!!!"
birthday card

Last of all, the back part of it! I love the kitty in the box!
birthday card

These were my name tags back at school. The black one was from KRS (Kadet Remaja Sekolah).
name tag

This...I don't know what key it is, I mean wat it unlocks. No idea, but I keep it still. =) I like the islam words, "Bismillahirrahmanirrahim" and "la ila ha illallah, muhammadurrasulullah".

These are some sorts..clockwise: One of the chains from my belt, 2 heart studs from my late Nose shoe (god bless her soul and that would be the last of the Nose in my life) and studs from a belt from my mom.

decoration art

Aaand finally, a bookmark my dearest Carlissa gave me for Friendship day. I'm still holding it Sa!

So that's all for now!

Shine on,


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