Friday, April 2, 2010

Shop: BIG Discounts Sale at Choon Yun Fatt, A Day at One Borneo
Yesterday, I went on a date! (Yay for me!) We went to 1 Borneo and my skirt was shockingly loose, like, leave it for 2 minutes and it will start dropping. Despite that, I and hun went to book our movie tickets first. That's the first thing we do everytime we wana watch movies.

how to train your dragon

clash of the titans

We saw 2 exciting movies to choose- How To Train Your Dragon and Clash of The Titans. We prioritized Clash of The Titans first. We asked for it and it is full for the next 2 shows. VERY FULL. So thank god, the second show for How to Train Your Dragon was still okay! We booked the top center seat, as usual. =)

Then I wanted to fix my dropping skirt. The first thing I thought was getting to pharmacies for pins. We went to Watsons but none there, the salesperson told me to go to Guardian next door. True enough, I found pins there! It was only RM2.50, all sorts of sizes inside the pack! Then I went to the ladies and fixed my skirt with 2 pins.

Then we went to KFC to eat, as he promised before. xD And boy, the KFC Shrimp Hearties is expensive! It was like, RM16 ka. I don't know about the price stated in that link, maybe different price, east and west Malaysia. Colonel's Rice Briani was expensive too, like about RM16 and it has chickens only with drink. Not worth the money I think. I mean, you can get Snack Plate with just less than RM10. Get the picture? I rather go to Kenny Rogers and eat there and spend a bit more money.

I met Aisyah, my ex-colleague from Braun Buffel. She said I got fatter.... >.< Biarla.'s the happiness fat ba dat. Then we went around the mall to kill time. I got 2 flyers while I was on it. One is the a Free Dinner Make Up service offer from Mircoz and the other from Stars Archery on Free 3 Arrows offer. I'm not sure how to get the 3 arrows but I think when you wana do the archery thingy by the expiry date (mine is due till 18th May! My birthday!!), you'll get the 3 arrows.

After One Borneo, we went to Choon Yun Fatt, Inanam. It's something like Milimewa, only different name. Hun says it's closing down so everything at the 1st floor (clothes, stationery, dolls, pots and pans, shoes, decorations, etc) are on very big sale! So I went there to see if there was anything interesting to bring home. I found one!

bed light

Here it is! The packet at the left side is the Guardian pins I talked about. Isn't the lamp nice?? It has 4 glass windows with 2 ladybugs with silvery-green glitters on their black dots!

Cute, cute bugs!!

Aaand the insides of it..transparent glass it is. Has a big mentol at the center.

The switch is simple, just click left or right to on/off the lamp. It has a 2-pin plug.

bed light
And here it is with no flash and dark room~

This was priced at RM35.90 and I got it at 70% off! So I paid only RM10.77! How nice~ =D

Better get going there, there are loads more decorations to be seen! The clothes and shoes, nah, you can find those at the philippine market dat.

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