Friday, April 9, 2010

Nail Art from Ms Mary Jim's 2009 Nail Workshop
acrylic blue nail art flower sticker during mary jim workshop kota kinabalu

I'm gona show my work of 3 days of nail sessions with Ms Mary Jim from Everlasting Bridal House & Studio last year. She covered transfers, nail art and extension (acrylic powder and liquid).

This post will cover the first day on my work and others (they deserve the spotlight too!), date on 23 Feb 2009, Monday.

Above was my work. I painted the nail blue, added the stickers Sun-like and flowers at the left and the tip of the Sun-stickers. Then I added dots, making it rising from below. I don't know, when I put on the stickers, my next step just popped out. Juices flew into my brain and I would immediately immagine how it would look like.

grey white sunflower during mary jim workshop kota kinabalu

This is Yvonne Lo's work! She did a different method, she used acrylic only while Ms Mary told us to do the transfers.

yellow black and white flower sticker nail art during mary jim workshop kota kinabalu

This, I think it's Yvonne's work too, she did this after the black flower. =)

gold black and white flower nail art during mary jim workshop kota kinabalu
This would be Denise's work! All are transfers.

green black and white flower during mary jim workshop kota kinabalu
And this would be kak Ana (Zieyannah)'s work! Like Denise, transfers only.

Next would be the second day of the workshop!

Shine on,

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