Saturday, April 17, 2010

Kacang Ma The Best!!
First of all, thank you Allah for creating this wonderful's scientific name is Leonurus sibiricus - L.
and Chinese Motherwort in English. xD It's commonly known as Kacang Ma in Sarawak.

Why am I so grateful for this plant? Well lemme tell ya something. I've been scouring KK for this herb- Gaya Street, Saturday market at Giant Kolombong, Inanam Market, Giants and all the shops I went in to! None sell this herb and that puzzles me! >.<

I was told that this is very useful in helping (or even curing) menstrual cramps, yes I do suffer from it and believe me, you won't be seeing me up and about on my 1st day of period. I'll be feeling cold and sweaty, pale, (usually will be at home by this moment) puke my last meal and took about 1-2 hours to sleep on my bed. My room would be like a sauna then- closed windows, doors, no fan, no aircond, no air, no wind. I would even cover myself with my thick blanket, top to toe and I would still feel cold while battling the pain, I tell you.

I ever faint during my primary years, twice or so due to this- it liked to strike in the morning and that was when I start to roll on the floor and moan like I was gona give birth, which I find very embarrassing now that I think about it sometimes. I fainted during assemblies- too long standing and heat I guess.

It got worse and more frequent as the years passed, till now, every month I'll suffer it. I dont' know why. So that was why I'm chasing this herb. And I got it last month! All thanks to Kak Ida!

I took it a day after my last period. So I drank it everyday, morning/evening. I would just make it like tea, put a teaspoon of it into hot boiling water and leave it closed for a while, then drink it.

And guess what? Last Thu was the day I was suppose to get my period (after 28 days). But I only bled a little in the afternoon. The next day, Friday, was the day I got it (before 12pm like that). I was hoping the herb would do it's magic, like, my pain would go away and no more cold sweats and such...but I was wrong!

I actually felt pain! I thought it would be just, mild pain, you know, maybe the herb will make the pain bearable at least. But no! As it grew more and more painful, I went home. I didn't puke, miraculously, I went straight to bed and started to read 13 Haunted Singapore Ghost Stories. xD It took me about 30 minutes only to doze off and the pain was like, 50% lesser than before! How amazing is that?? I actually didn't felt like dying for the first time!

So kacang ma, please show up and let me buy you..I really need to stock you up, my current stash is running low... >.<

I hear that this is used traditionally by the Hakka Sarawakians for moms post-pregnancy and for men's libido or something. Sounds nice eh? Oh ya the kacang ma I got was only RM3, about 1/4 amount of a paper.^^

Shine on,


  1. i think i saw kacang ma in likas servay b4. hope you getting better =)

  2. Really?? Thanks a lot! I rarely go there, maybe that's why I can't find kacang ma. xD


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