Saturday, April 3, 2010

How To Train Your Dragon Movie Widget
I watched How To Train Your Dragon yesterday and boy was it a fine movie!! It was fun all the way, the story-telling was great, no blurrs and confusion, cute Toothless (Night Fury) and lots of laughter! It's a 10/10 for me! I strongly recommend you all to watch it, as couples, friends or even families! It's just another great movie from Dreamworks Animation!

Here are some comments on the movie:

...atmospheric, surprisingly detailed, and remarkably immersive. The overall use of 3D here is examplery. -
A wonderful good-time hit. - Gene Shalit, TODAY
This adventure soars in 3D. -Harry Knowles,
Best reviewed movie of the year. -Rotten Tomatoes
On it's website, you can view it's trailer, become a fan in, get it's widget,info in it's characters, games, gallery, story and even activities such as colouring, connect the dots, memory game, word search, spot the difference, mazes, stickers and so much more!

The page loads with a dragon with red filling in the dragon from the left side!

The widget enables you can hatch and raise your very own dragon!! Now how cool is that! How to get it? Just click on the Grab and Share link at the bottom right of the window!

how to train your dragon 2010 game widget

There are 6 of them to choose!

Deadly Nadder
Nadder eggs have sharp spikes that deter predators.

Gronckle eggs are the smallest of all the species, barely larger than a marble, and they bounce around like jumping beans.

Mounstrous Nightmare
Viking children use these flaming eggs for rounds of Viking "Hot Potato". The winner is the child with most blisters. (youch!)

Terrible Terror (I laughed when I saw it after hearing it's name during the movie xD )
Tiny seed-like eggs are laid in the cracks of tree trunks. As they mature, the hot egg's temperature increase.

Hideous Zippleback
Often mistaken for air bubbles, Zippleback eggs actually contain buoyant natural gases.

Night Fury
These eggs are laid on top of mountains and blend in with the starry sky.

how to train your dragon 2010 game widget
As the eggs are about to hatch, it will tell you and you'll have to get a name for it. Press "Generate Name" and a new name (top of the button) will appear. Once you're happy with it, press "Continue" below.

All you need to do is just interacting with your egg, the more you do actions on it, the faster it will hatch! =D

After it hatches (after naming it), you can feed it, fly it and make it breath fire!

Shine on,


  1. I have choosed the nigh fury. :)

  2. Which game is it ? I want to play :))

  3. Hi there! Read up and go to their website here

    1. i tryed i did not work but thanks

    2. i can't find the game please help me

  4. i cant find the widget pls help me


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