Friday, March 5, 2010

HTML Code: Automatic Scroll Boxes
Do you see the "My Sites" section at the bottom right of my webpage? Don't you think it's awesome?? The letters (you can add a link into it too!) scrolls up automatically! You can alter it's appearance, whether to make it scroll up, down, sideways, the size, the scrolling speed, etc. How cool is that?? You'll save space, faster loading pages and avoid irritating your viewers when they have to scroll down the page so long due to your overloaded links! xD

It wasn't included in the original template I had to scavange the net for a code that can help me get something like that! I typed "automatic scroll box" and BOOM this article came up the 1st result page.

I copied and tested the scroll box, it was nice, but it didn't have any borders to it. So I added some more codes into the code and boy was I proud of myself...I managed to do what I exactly wanted to do! I get to change the colors of the border too!

Here's the code after I'm done with it:

Play with the code, it's so much fun! Well it's time consuming but you'll be satisfied with the result you'll get!

You can add even more html code in the content section like me, I added symbols before the name. It's like the heart shaped symbol and the link next to it in my blog.

So yeah, hope this helps you all, have fun! ^^

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