Sandra Bullock Has a Kangaroo Dog!

February 08, 2010

sandra bullock has kangaroo dog

Well..this article changed how I look at celebs with their pets...

Sandra Bullock's pets, Ruby anbd Poppy, are kangaroo dogs, or Dogaroo's as I'd like to call it on my past article about Amazing Animal Stories. But they do look like kangaroos don't they??

Bullock doesn't mind the extra effort her pets take; in fact, she thinks she could handle more!

"Any dog that is missing something is welcome in our house," she said of her Texas home, which she and hubby James share with his pups, as well. "If we can't handle them, we find them a home. But they seem to find us."

If only Malaysian celebs do like what US people does to animals...the good way I mean.

Shine on,

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