Friday, February 5, 2010

Nail Art Design: Flower
Hi all! I want to show you guys my friend Yvonne's toenails! I took the pix on the day I got my Perfect Nail Work! I'm still a bit in the 'shock' mode.. =P

This was done at a nail art salon at Damai Point! It is right next to Watsons and it was like, above RM50 ka. Nice also la, it's very creative and I learnt stuff from it like adding a 3-D object on the glitters you put!

nail art 3 d white flower
The nail polish was something like silver with gold specks. Very nice one. Fresh and I think this will look great for Autumn-Winter looks, with the flower and all. =)

To brighten up the nail, big specks of shiny purple glitters. Stuff like this you can normally get from bottles that looks like nail polish bottles too. The nail polish would be colourless.

nail art 3 d white flower

Then the 3-D work. You can use specialized nail art glue for this, it will stick. I mean, if you just use normal paper glue it won't work. What if you bathe? UHU won't be any good, you're applying this on your nails man. UHU isn't for nails. But before you buy this nail art glue, be prepared to spend money on a specific solution that can remove them too. It's about RM20 at eNoveal.

To apply these objects, get a tweezer that has a pointed tip, but longer than ordinary ones. The 3-D objects on this nail art was white beads, gold and white stones and white flower. Nice kan! Like decoration you find at rooms ni.

That's all! I hope you enjoyed it!

Shine on,


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