Saturday, February 13, 2010

Friend Reunion!
delilah and carlissa friends reunion warisan square kota kinabalu sabah

I wana introduce, Carlissa! She's my good-best friend from high school and we're still in touch! We met last week and she's still the same Sa I knew back at school 3 years ago. She still says, "Tai babi la kau"..or say stuff like, "ada hujan..kilat..hitam.." when I talk about scary of disappointing stuff. xD

We ate at Pizza Hut and I belanja her, it was her birthday yesterday.

Happy Bday Sa!

We met at Centre Point and after we filled our stomach with tuna's and pineapples and cheese, we set out to go shopping!

She bought stuff but I, well...I didn't see anything I want! All the 40%, 20%, 70% didn't succeed in luring me into taking out my purse and pull out some cash. Don't know la why.

We covered everywhere basically, from the Ground Floor to the 4th (Palm Square) and finally to Warisan Square.

We wanted to rest and she thought of Old Station. And FYI (definition: for your information), it's no longer at it's old spot! It's now at 1st floor of the Guardian block. Aaaaand we tidak jadi masuk cuz it was freaking hot. That shop doesn't have aircond! My god. To think that Damai's branch has that facility. No budget ka Warisan branch?

Anyhuuuu...we went to Wong Kok. It's next to Old Station and it's very much like Old Station, except the fact that it's seats and tables are like Chicken Rice Shop's (1 Borneo) or Old Town (1 Borneo). Long and the seats act as dividers too (people front and back wont' be able to see you but the one next to you). Nice one, I feel relaxed and I do feel the 'yamcha' aura. =P

It sells many stuff you know, a lot! I suggest all of you to go there. From main dishes (mee's, wanton, rice, etc) to side dishes to dessert and hot (cofee, etc) and cold drinks (milkshakes, ice cream, ice blended, etc).

delilah and carlissa friends reunion warisan square kota kinabalu sabah
We ordered drinks only and I didn't know which one to choose. She ordered Peach and Lemon..something something. It was freakingly large. Seriously. I don't know where the shop gets it. We should've just shared it man. The drink was served with 2 straws in it. =P Guess it is a 2-person drink. This drink, if drank on a hot, sunny day, would be a bliss. It's sweet, fruity-sweet and has that peach taste. It's not watery, it's like, thick and rich in the juice!

delilah and carlissa friends reunion warisan square kota kinabalu sabah
Mine, I ordered Chocolate Lava something something. It was really satisfying, both to my cravings and my tummy. xD Notice the choc-nuts decorations around the glass? It's edible! The taste wasn't as I expected- sweet chocolate Vochelle-like. It has this bitterness, which I think it was dark chocolate! Wow even better than I thought! There's still sweetness but the bitterness sure was there.

Both the drinks are RM6.70 each and the service charge was RM1.30+. Not bad, I was really full and Sa couldn't finish her drink, we only managed to finish up 3/4 of the drink.

delilah and carlissa friends reunion warisan square kota kinabalu sabah

Oh, and we both weight nearly the same. We promised to weight lesser the next time we meet. Wish me luck on that. And it was really nice to see her that day. =)

Shine on,


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