Friday, January 15, 2010

Make Your Blog Searchable, Popular and Better!
I saw this article and I found several ways on how to make your blog better and maybe, popular and searchable. One of it is change your title tag so that search engines can search your blog.

Run far, far away from the default template
This, like my own template here, the bottom part of my site isn't like that at first. It was the designer's notes and copyrights there. But I put it's link under About Glamiva and put my own words instead. =) It personalizes your blog too!

Where’s home?
This is another thing. I myself will not search for it if it isn't either the header itself links back to the home page or the first left tab on top of the site.

Get searching
This is also essential. Viewers can type whatever they are looking for in your site easily instead of scrolling your archives or tags one by one. Get google search box into your site here.

Customize your 404 error page
Well...Blogger don't offer this feature- customizing your error page.. =P I think this page should offer a link back to the previous page or your home page.

Underline your links
This is really important, especially if you like to highlight your words in colours other than your normal one. Like mua. xD

Have a backup list of blog topics
Well, Jon Clark said that just jot down or type out anything that you can think of. Then blog about it when you can. But I got this idea - blog about something that is informative that can wait- information, data, educational topics and save as draft. Simply post it when you don't have time for blogging! Isn't that cool?

Well well, celebs do it, I think a blogger should, too. Especially bloggers who has a lot of daily visitors and business. =)

Don’t require registration to post comments
This actually made sense. Before I read this, I set my blog to require users type codes to be able to post a comment. Why do it if I can moderate (blog will hold the comments and notify you on what to do on it) it? xD Thanks a lot Jon!

Comment on the blogs you read
This is very helpful in making your blog (or you) searchable, higher in the search results. Serious!

Highlight your own comments
I'm interested in this one...but the article provided is...complicated and not clear. So I didn't do anything about this one.

Show off the recent comments made
This is helpful. Yeap yeap. I myself tend to click on links from "Recent Comments" widget.

Add your blog to your email signature
This means that a note or sentences that you include in every email you send. It is a powerful marketing tool!

RSS Feeds
This is a must. No doubt about it.

Recommend related blog entries

Highlight your most Popular Blog Posts

Get your own domain
No doubt, buying a domain of yours is better than hosting your site on a free-hosting website. It won't do you any good, SEO-wise.

Have you optimized your images?
I learnt another cool trick, making my images more SEO friendly (higher rank in the image result). Search engines can't read images and for that, this is important! For example,
See alt=""? Add your tag inside ""! This will be read by search engines!

Backing up your blog
This is very important, as a blogger who blogged for a year+ (I know this isn't long enough) but I do know that backing up your blog for template changes is crucial. Don't forget that. I keep copies of my previous templates- before-after in a file on my lappy. So that when you do save a template, you can restore it to the previous one.

There you go! I hope this helps!

Shine on,


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