Friday, January 8, 2010

How to Add Read More to Blogger
Hi all...I want to share this cool function- Read More in Blogger! I've always wanted my blog to have that 'read more' link at every bottom page of my posts (that only shows the first few sentences of my post). I've searched, trial and error everything from the search results.

Finally I found an article from Thank you so much Rohman for that article!

This set up is pretty easy.

1. Download your present template and save to 'Back Up' your template.
2. Search for this..

3. Replace with the codes below.

Tip: You can modify the text used from "Read more..." to something that you prefer more! =)

4. Save it. You're halfway done! Congrats!

5. Go to Settings.

6. Go to Formatting.

7. Go to Post Template (the last section) and paste these:

This step is so that you don't have to put in these codes everythime you make a new post. You're done!

8. Here's how to use the function.

You put your contents above if you want it to appear above the Read More link.

The rest of your contents will be below it and above the code.

Done! Easy kan? It seems that this article is out of date, due to Blogger has is supporting the Read More function now. I did't try it, the method I've shown here isn't bad, I got what I wanted!

Shine on,


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