Sunday, December 20, 2009

Tutorial: Hari Raya Second Day Make Up Tutorial
hari raya 2009 make up tutorial

Hi there girls! I wana share you guys the eyeshadow here! Well the basic is pretty much the same you know, like applying your foundation, shading if you like, powder, and apply powder under your eyes. It's all the same steps, unless you have some additions like primer or base make up to prep your face, smoothen out your facial skin or avoid oiliness later on, highlighter or something like that. Try see all the videos and How-To's. They do pretty much the same step- all have foundation, powder, bla bla bla. The only difference is the eyeshadow color and how they apply it(e.g. wet brush, gel eyeshadow, powder first, which color first, type of brush, etc) Those little techniques is what separates each and every one of them. So look for these details. =)

Oh ya, before I commence, I'm so sorry if you think high-end brands are the best and others aren't. I can't afford Mac, Lancome, YSL or anything but medium-and below range cosmetics. I think they rock too! So my tutorials will be using medium ranges like Maybelline, Revlon, Elianto, Silky Girl, Sera, etc. Arigatou gozaimasu!

hari raya 2009 make up tutorial
So here, like how I did for my First Raya Make Up look, I did the foundation + powder thingy so that there'll be no 'tears'.

hari raya 2009 make up tutorial
I used my Elianto Dark Purple eyeshadow (sorry, I forgot to take the product pix!! But the color is similar to the dark purple there) on the outer half of the eye. Then I used Silky Girl Duo Eye Shadow in Glamour Babe on the inner half of the eye. The pink shade won't stick if you use brush, use fingers or wet the brush out like how I did here on my first Raya 09 Look.

Then, I used Elianto Frosted Eyeliner in Frosted Black thinly. I kinda flick it out at the outer end but not the cat-eye thingy. Just to lift up my small eyes. =P

hari raya 2009 make up tutorial
So there you go! Thank you for reading!

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