Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tasty Food Village Complaint!

If any of the Tasty Food Village (One Borneo, Kota Kinabalu) management people is reading, I'll be so glad! I went there to eat before (like, months ago) and it was okay. Like, we had to buy coupons (RM10 each) and buy food with it. Stalls were okay. It was tolerable.

But NOW, recently I went there, like last week, and boy I was so shocked! I saw steamboat display (that was okay) on the right side, the usual shop on my left, 3 EMPTY LOTS on my right, and more empty lots in front of me! And the steamboat lot put their menu or, like, stands of their steamboat shop at the first 6 tables from the entrance! What is all that about?? And people were soooo little at that time!

And you were lucky I had half an hour to eat before my movie started or I would be out! Coupons weren't needed already (what a relief) but, I was confused on the first few minutes I went in there, seriously. Like, where are all the other stalls?

One waiter went up to us and my guy ordered Roasted (I think) Duck rice. Few minutes later the waiter went up to us and told us there were no chicken. Okay he changed to Chicken rice. I ordered Wantan Ho Seafood (Cantonese Style Fried Kway Teow was the name, thank god for the menu's pix).

My wantan ho arrived earlier than the chicken rice. Weird, I thought maybe they cook it first or something, cuz it was RM6 for god's sake. It took like, 15 minutes? God. And I was shocked to see it!

tasty food village food kota kinabalu sabah

Ini saja? Seriously? Tolong la! It wasn't even hot! No smoke at all! The kicap's not nice even! I'd pay for RM4 only for this! My kway teow was okay, but it was RM7.50. Seafood dia bukan banyak juga, more sotong and....can't remember...the price NDA NGAM.

And we ordered ABC.
tasty food village food kota kinabalu sabah

Well you can't really see anything here, cuz my bb already campur2 semua. But this pic was taken before we start to eat it. Ada la juga kacang sikit, tu hijau2 skit and...kacang merah skit. Semua sikit-sikit and it was RM3.80. Tanjung Aru Beach's ABC is still the best! I won't order it from you again!

tasty food village food kota kinabalu sabah
Here's the receipt. I was given another receipt for my kway teow, like, it was added RM1 more than the price on the menu. Don't know why. I didn't care of asking, I was rushing for my movie. Confusing eh?

After all this, I won't go there anymore until it returns back to normal and I wished we just go for pizza that day. Biarla mahal sikit, janji reasonable.

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