Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Family History Discovered and Open Burning at Kuala Penyu!
Last Monday, I went to Kuala Penyu. My cousin was having his wedding there. He was one of the cousins that I just met that day. Seems like his great grandad's father was the one who took care of my grandad (my dad's side) during his flee from the Japanese last time. Wow. And I'm surprised nobody from my aunts or uncles side (my dad's side) came.

family at kuala penyu sabah
And after that we went to the Kuala Penyu Hospital to see his grandma. She has cardiac problem, don't know what. I saw on her bed that she's a cardiac patient only. She didn't recognize my dad, she lali suda ba. When we wanted to leave already, I shook her hand and she talked dusun to me. I was like, looking back to the aunt beside her (her daughter) and she said that my granny asked who I was. Then once again, my dad and her daughter talked to her. Then only she remembered! And she cried...I...was touched, I terus thought of my granma.

I saw this on my way back to Kota Kinabalu. I was on my way from Kuala Penyu to Papar first that.

family at kuala penyu sabah

I was like, oh my god! What was that?!! So I quickly took shots and just to tell the officers of the district or people who are doing this, STOP THIS! Whatever the reason is, it's not right! You're thinning the ozone layer MORE than normal! God where are your brains! Mentang2 di kampung jadi boleh bakar suka-suka hati la?? NO! The government here should make the denda money MORE if anybody makes open fire burning di luar kota! Cuz there are more trees there! Oxygen will be less!

If you've got piles of grass and dead leaves, just put them aside la, let it decompose! Or throw it away somewhere else! Be responsible! My children will be here in this world in the future and I would like them to breathe fresh, clean air please!

Enforcement officers, you should publicize your contact number of complain more! And wider! Cuz I don't know it yet..

Shine on,


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