Sunday, November 15, 2009

Miss Reef 2010 Calendar Has Arrived!

Hey people! Cold month's kicking in and despite the cold coming, Swell is now selling Miss Reef Calender for year 2010! It's all about babes and swimsuits and well, beaches!

If you're wondering whether or not your boyfriend/friend/brother/creepy uncle/non-HR co-worker...wants one of these for the Holidays, stop thinking. He does. We promise. It's back; the legendary Miss Reef Calendar has returned in all of its bronzed and scantily clad glory. Reef.
This product is sold at $10.00 and you can contact their customer service by their email.

Shot on location in North Eastern Brazil, The 2010 Miss Reef Calendar is the first year in a series of five, which will explore different countries throughout South America.

Reef Latin American Marketing Manager, Alejanrdo Azpiazu, notes, “To commemorate both occasions, reef has set out to do something really special. We approached this calendar with a unique concept of keeping the entire production native to Brazil. We also experimented with a new way of portraying Miss Reef, while staying true to the mysterious sensuality of her identity.”

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