Thursday, November 12, 2009

Cheap Pizza Hut Meal: Less than RM10!
I had half day today in the academy..terus I went to Public Bank Gaya Street branch for my PB Visa Electron Card and Maybank (Gaya Street also) for putting in money into my BSN account. Well. I still don't get on filling in the form, I needed help! Lucky the guy at the reception desk was nice, hehe.

So here's the headline story. Wana savour pizza or Pizza Hut's spaghetti but don't think it'll be as cheap as RM10 and below? I just found out today that it can! It could and it's possible! Well unless you go order additional stuff la.

Cheap for single meal (1 person) only that is, the original price is only RM7.95! But after tax and all, it's RM9 something only! Cheap huh? I went to the Beach Street punya branch (Sugar Bun, Milimewa there). And the waiter who served me was cute, like my ex. He did his job fast too! I didn't really have to wait long. So they got surprise today when I told them to keep the change. xD

That was the second time I went there, but the temperature was hot man. I mean not cold, not hot.

cheap pizza hut RM10

There are 3 meals to choose from in the Personal Set for 1 Person, Set 1 offers pizza with extra 30% cheese, Set 2 offers Spaghetti (you can choose, the one with 2 tempura's on top or sliced hot dogs) and Set 3 offers something like rice and chicken. All three sets gives you 2 breadsticks, 1 mushroom soup and 1 glass of pepsi. The mushroom soup was nice man, I can taste the mushroom! And the Breadstick, oh my lord, tuhan saja yang tau. It was hot when I ate it! Straight from the oven! Heaven! I chose Set 2 for my lunch today.
And I waited like, 5 minutes and these came one by one till then! ** I was hungry, so I ate the other breadstick with the mushroom soup (best way to go for me). The service here was waaaaaaaay better than the one in Centre Point that. Ooooh that place drives me up the wall everytime.

cheap pizza hut RM10

Looking at it now makes me hungry again man..

cheap pizza hut RM10

The bill was only RM9 something! So cheap, I thought it would be RM10 something. Mwaaahahahaha~ I wana try the new Crunchy Cheesy Bites next time!

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