Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Scammer: Katherine Poll via Screen Capture Software
Okay, first of all, I'm having period now and I puked 6 horus ago and never ate until just now, banana and a glass of muesli, refilled twice.

And I'm still hungry and feeling nausea. Is this how pregnancy feels?

I'm afraid if I eat I'll be throwing up again. Oh well, I guess I have to, I know I'll feel better. All these are due to my period and the cold drinks. My guy scolded me again. For the millionth time. xD

Wish me luck aite. =3

Okay now for the blog post, I received an email on my gmail account today at 6.23pm, after about 3 hours.

All the pictures are small and you have to click on it to view it and zoom (the zoom button at the bottom right corner of the screen for Internet Explorer and "Ctrl" + scroll up or down for Mozilla Firefox)

scam katherine poll screen capture software

Katherine Poll to me,6:23 PM (3 hours ago)

from Katherine Poll

to Glamiva

date: Tue, Oct 27, 2009 at 6:23 PM
subject : Screen Capture Software

Dear Glamiva,

May I ask you to place the link bellow to our Screen Capture Software anywhere on your blog? If you agree, please send me the link where you placed the link and I will present you with a license for free.


You may place this link alone without description or on existing post or create new post with a short description (language and text is up to you)

Feel free to get information about product here: http://www.digeus.com/products/snapit/snapit_screen_capture_3_5.html

P.S. Don't change text in the link. It should be "Screen Capture Software".

Katherine Poll

I'll tell you my reply to her below ya, please read on. =)

I was sceptical. I mean, if you come from a reliable and established website, won't you have a like, a nicer introduction and something that says like,

"Greetings, we are a beauty website portal that sells all kinds of beauty products ranging from skin care, hair care, body care, tools and kits from Korea =their website url here=. We have a proposition for you..." bla bla bla. Suppose there should be some pictures and headers or background graphics, right? So I was suspicious. And there wasn't enough info on the so-called licence she talked about. What licence??? Licence to kick her scammer butt?

I told you guys about my encounter with Daniella Kamche on getting her so-called 2 Siberian Husky pets and I learnt afterwards about full headers of emails from an anonymous that commented on my follow up post that displays the acocunt name and address of the scammer via Western Union Bank.

Headers are like, the codes, the html codes of emails. It can tell you the ip address of both sender and receiver, via what website, bla bla bla. So it's really useful when you want to track or verify somebody who's emailing you.

How to get headers for gmail? There are tons of methods of extracting headers for yahoo and msn but rarely on gmail. I'll tell you how.

scam katherine poll screen capture software

Go to the email that you want the header for it, click the arrow (points down)that's next to "Reply". Then click "Show Original". You will be directed to a new window and there you go, the header!

Here are the header for the email I got.

scam katherine poll screen capture software

Okay, I'm not soooo pro in this header thingy, all I know is ip address is something that you can look up and you can tell where the email was sent from via a series of numbers separated with dots.

So I just looked for this (it's at the upper part of the code) below:

Received: from server15.namecheaphosting.com (server15.namecheaphosting.com [])

See the numbers in red? I googled it and found this.

I can't believe this. It's from a server called ns15.namecheaphosting.com and expires in 41 days. So well, I know this person's no good. If you're a REAL company with trustworthy products and service, there's no such thing as using a free server and the website's expiry date is within 40+ days only. It's usually in years.

I googled the email, and found this blog. I was like, oh man. It's true, the sender's no good.

Katherine (scammer) told the blogger, Sara Elizabeth Bonds, if she would like to write a review on the product, SnapIt Screen Capture 3.5 and so Sara, obviously have to download the software in order to use it and review it. She went to the link given in the email and her Kapersky went nuts - the page has virus and if a computer that doesn't have a good anti virus, sure the virus can hack into the computer and steal all the user's information (passwords, login id's, security number, etc).

But for I, it's not SnapIt Screen Capture 3.5, it's Screen Capture Software. No name for it I guess.

After I saw this, I replied Katherine Poll. I could've just delete it and never think about it anymore but I wana play. xD

So my reply (the 1st pictuer above) was:

hi, what license are you talking about? May i see yours? And who are you? What is your compay's name?

Hehe. Let's see how it goes. I'll keep you guys updated. =)

Shine on,


  1. i just got such an email today. But i followed the link before i read this. Crap. But to be honest though, my antivir usually goes nuts with these things, but i haven't recieved a warning.

  2. Hi there! Well...even if the Katherine, or whoever she may be, is real and genuine, she would've replied my email by now. It has been about a month now since I replied her.

  3. thanks, i just received one of this email. tatiii from brazil.

  4. Hi Tatiii! Glad to know that I have helped somebody!

  5. I just got one of these from one "Julia Taylor." Glad I know to google these things before I click.

  6. Hey Anonymous! Wow...still going on eyh? It's been about a year already.

    ATTENTION TO ALL: Those who were approached by this scam, please do post the names and emails or whatever details that are relevant. Thank you.

  7. Hey, thanks a lot! I received an email on this "software" from a Melissa Garcia, with links and such, and googled it before clicking on anything in the email. Maybe they thought enough time had elapsed to give it another try....

  8. Hi there Anonymous. Oh really then your statement would be very reliable if you just put your website name or at least email here instead of making yourself anonymous. You could be anybody.


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