Sunday, October 25, 2009

Kate Moss Latest Style Collection for Topshop Christmas 2009
Here it is! Kate's latest collection will come in an oriental opulence to Christmas 09! (wonder why oriental for Christmas?) There will be not just party dresses, silk nightwear will also make its debut on next Thursday! Kate wore her Rose Print Pyjama Set on the picture above.

Here's the scoop on her interview!
What inspired you to create a nightwear collection?
I love beautiful nighwear, it makes you feel great. Over the years, I've collected millions of vintage slips, nighties, camis and bed jackets. Who doesn't want fab nightwear for Christmas!?

How did you go about designing the collection?
I just dreamt up what I wanted in my wardrobe, I've very much approached my collection like this over the past couple of years. There are some great basics like the fish net set (which I love) and it develops into some really chic vintage chiffon teddys which I just couldn't find aywhere. I used some of my favourite prints from previous collections like the vintage rose and the swarms of butterflies from my last collection.

Describe your favourite pieces in the collection..
I love the short 30s style dressing gown and the matching night dress. That sounds frumpy; it's more like a slip! It has a new butterfly print which was influenced by the oriental feeling that dominates the new collection. I was inspired by one of my favourite vintage pieces and it's prefect for the getting ready part of the evening. It's a glamourous pre-outfit or a super-glamorous lounging look!

Will you be wearing your favourites out of the house!?
Yes, but I plan to have clothes over the top! I have gone out in PJ's before. I remember very distinctly being stuck in a snow storm in New York wearing pyjamas - that was hillarious! I might wear some of the PJ tops out as a layer, instead of a shirt, but probably not as a set.

Congrats Kate! I love this one below, I sure will wear it out! Wish I can have looks so nice!
kate moss style collection for topshop christmas 2009

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