Saturday, October 24, 2009

Free Kentucky Grilled Chicken on Monday, 26 October 2009!
KFC has declared that it's gonna be "UNFry Day" (pronounce it with the alphabet pronounciation, not un as in uncomfortable) on Monday, Oct 26 2009! It's next week! Participating United States KFC restaurants will give you guys free samples of Kentucky Grilled Chicken (KGC) on that day only!

Ever since KGC was introduced in April, more than 60 million Americans have joined "Grilled Nation" by trying the product at a KFC restaurant. Now, you can join the Nation for free by stopping by KFC on Oct. 26! So don't miss it!

KFC previously held "UNFry Day" on April 27 and more than four million Americans took advantage of the free offer and sampled Kentucky Grilled Chicken.

Check out! This web site is dedicated to citizens of Grilled Nation and everybody can witness the population explosion of citizens via web cam coverage of our Times Square billboard! It's gona be huge!

I wonder when will Malaysia will get to enjoy the KGC? xD

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