Monday, October 19, 2009

Easiest Comment Box Code
blog comment box code tutorial

Glamiva had a problem yesterday, when I tried to see the comments, I can't.
This one doesn't have comments so I think that's why it won't take me to it.

Then I tried to see posts with comments and when I clicked at the same button, it didn't take me anywhere, none. Just there, only the sound clicks. So I opened the post's tittle and tried to post a comment there.

blog comment box code tutorial
I clicked at the pointed button like above and nothing happened. Then only I knew that the layout that I just took few weeks ago isn't working fully.

Oh god.

I tried reverting but it didn't help. I was at my wits end!

I went up to google and found Trick-Blog! Lucky me. It was the third rank on the result and before it there were something like it's instructions there but didn't work. This article is for bloggers at blogspot to put comment box under their posts, unlike last time where there would be a link underneath it for people to post.

Not so appealing.

Lucky for us all, Trick-Blog posted this article.

1. Login to
2. Go to Setting-->Comments. then change "Comment Form Placement" to be "Embedded below post".

3. "Save Setting"
Try to see one of your blog posts If there's already a working comment box under your post, then your problem is solved. But if there's stil none, just follow the next steps.

And in my case, still none.

4. Go to "Layout-->Edit HTML"
5. Check (click on) the "Expand widget templates" box.

6. Find these codes like below:

You can click Ctrl+F (Internet Explorer) to find it amongst all the codes there, easier that way. But mind you, for the code

<p class="comment-footer">
, there were two results for the code above at different paragraphs (for my layout) and when you do find the code, just double check for the code if it's the exact one that is needed to be tracked.

There are 3 matches for my search and they are highlighted automatically for the 1st result.
I checked every codes and finally on the 3rd one, it's the exact code that I was looking for.
blog comment box code tutorial

7. Highligt the whole code like the one in the box above, then just replace it with this code below:

Here's a screenshot of the highlight.

Here's the paste.

8. Save! Go and check it out! Now you can enjoy posting comments under your blog as well as your visitors!

Isn't this great???

Shine on,


  1. Thank you very much for this! Totally saved my comments problem.

    For those copying and pasting on step 7, make sure to format it correctly just like Glamiva's picture.

  2. Hi Allen! Glad I helped somebody out today!

    Yeah, have to be careful during copying and pasting htmls....any spaces, less symbol or more can end up in error.

  3. This is great information. Thanks in the course of sharing.

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  5. Hey Michael! Oh of course we can be, we're all doing the same thing, that makes us friends already! xD

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  9. useful . but let me tell u aboubt my case.. i have changed my blog comment setting from below to popup window. but i cant post comments some blog which the comment setup as below embeded post. if its because the case of setting the same problem should face by all isnt it ? but i can see others' comments on the same post where i cant post.. can you rectify the matter pls


  10. Hi,
    My comment box is there, but when people leave a comment it doesn't show up? Plase help, I'm about to switch to word press!!!

  11. how is that possible? Maybe you need to switch to the pop-out comment window then revert to the comment box underneath the post. I know some errors tried with this type of method solved.


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