Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Body Shop Deals Widget!
I wanted to find The Body Shop Malaysia's website. But all I find is the USA's website. I thought Malaysia's website isn't so popular and has lesser traffic, but then, when I clicked here (picture below) to change my country;

the body shop deals widget

I was taken to a new tab window and this is what I saw. No Malaysia! Oh man! How can this be?? I never thought..well I never..There are Australia, Canada,Danmark / Denmark , Deutschland / Germany (this one looked like it's not working, it says "Unsere Seite wird gerade überarbeitet und noch besser, schöner und aktueller!", means "Our site is currently being revised and even better, more beautiful and timely!", according to Google translate ), España / Spain , France, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, korea, Norway, Philippines, Switzerland , Singapore, South Africa, Suomi/ Finland, Sverige / Sweden, Taiwan, Turkey, United Kingdom and USA. Phew! And this is an embarrassment!! Our neighbouring contries, Philippines, Indonesia and Singapore has their own The Body Shop website! And we, Malaysia, don't! Who's the owner or the CEO of the company that holds the Body Shop here in Malaysia? Do something, please.

Anyhuuuu, I want to share with you guys about the Body Shop Deals Widget! It's a html that you can post on your website or blog, linking the Body Shop's USA's latest promotion page. How nice! I just happen to go to their blog and saw this;

the body shop deals widget

So I clicked on the Get & Share button under it and grabbed the code below:

Then go to Layout, Page Elements tab, Add A Gadget, HTML/JavaScript, paste the code above and click Save. Tadaaaaa~

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