Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Unbelievable Behaviour in the Kota Kinabalu Mosque
Hi there! Sorry I had been sooooooooo super duper silent for, I think two weeks huh? It's because of my laptop was damaged and kept on 'blacking out' and restart and 'blacking out' again. I sent it to the shop for repair and that shop is officially S.T.U. (p.i.d at the back. Pronounce it letter by letter, hehe. Learnt this from my teacher), due to the fact that on last Monday, my mom asked her colleague (which works in the IT department) to check on it and he fixed it in a matter of HOURS. Can you believe it?

That Shockwave in Karamunsing told me my hard disc (120GB memory) is a failure and needs replacement (a whopping RM269, mind). But last Sunday I came to pick it up cuz they informed me on last Saturday it can't be fixed cuz the hard disc can't support la, my hard disc old version la or what shit they said. So my laptop was still in that on and off state and thank God, bless Ramadhan for pak cik. He didn't even asked for any money for fixing my laptop. So nice la that person. And he told us that my hard disc is 80gb, not 120gb. And he said "it's possible that my hard disc can be replaced. Why not?" I'm so infuriated when I heard this. I'm sooo not going there anymore! This long term relationship is done! No more Shockwave! Geez!

Okay now for the tittle's explanation...I know you're wondering whaaaaat la Glam's talking about kan? Here goes;

Okay for as long as I have lived my life in Taman Khidmat, I only go to Masjid Nurul Hikmah (opposite of the Bukit Padang school) for terawih pray during Ramadhan. Eventhough it's not as big as the Kota Kinabalu Mosque (the one in Sembulan there), I DARE say I prefer this mosque than the KK Mosque. All thanks to my prayer there just now (my mom and I had to go there to pray for some reason).

Why? What happened there u may ask? Lemme tell you. First, the mosque's trail / way of going is pretty hard and complicated and confusing. There are so many entrances but I and my mom had to take the back entrance due to the front ones are monopolized with men talking and chatting don't-know-what. That's one. I had never been in the mosque ever since I graduated there 7 years ago. I must say the mosque had become nicer and more comfortable. There are more toilets and place to take 'air wuduk', the floor all modernized, clean and bright lights all around.

It was nice. Till me and my mom had to take the rear stair to the first floor (where the women's place to pray are, cuz we men and women can't be seen). And what's worse, it smelt like the bat's shit. And it IS the bat shit! Same like 7 years ago, (when the floor wasn't tiled and was only unsmooth cement), bats still rule the tombs there. Darn it.

The place on the 1st floor was vast, wide area. BUT still, there's one big room at the front area, taking up 1/4 of the whole area. That's for men. And behind it is the stair that leads to the 1st floor itself, which can only be used by men because there's a 'roadblock' between the stair and the women's place, which is at the southeast of the mosque. So sad kan? And worse, the women's place is divided into two, one with aircond (room) and no air cond. The worst of all is that the room with a/c is SUPER SMALL and I had to endure my sweat pouring out like rain from my pores for 8 rakaats'.

Next is when there were people leaving (after 8 rakaar of praying), of course when you see the place in front of you empty, you have to go and fill it up kan? That's more proper and people say there will be devils between you if there's an empty space between each individual in the jemaah prayer. So I went up front and there was this girl on my right, putting away her telekung (the praying attire) into her bag. Slowly. She was like, 8-9 years old and seemed ignorant. When you're done, you're finished with your prayer and not praying anymore, GET LOST. You can do whatever you want but get out from the jemaah place, go to the back or somewhere else and do your thing. YOU'RE INTERFERING WITH THE PRAYER. I didn't say anything to that girl, I just put on my sejadah and prayed. Didn't wana get left behind of the pray you know.

I noticed with the corner of my right eye that the girl, after putting away her telekung and putting on her tudung, she just sat there and took out a can of soft drink and suck it out via a straw. OH MY LORD. I felt like dragging her to the back of the jemaah pray man. Really. Well I didn't have to finally, the woman next to my mom told her off. Padan muka dia. In your face brat!

And here's another thing to share. This woman, somewhere in early 20's, put off her telekung after praying and revealed her hair and body in a low-cut, long sleeve, tight shirt and a long skirt. I was like, open-mouthed and raised brows for like, 10 seconds I think. MY GOD. I never seen this in my life, showing off your 'aurat' in a mosque like that. I mean, the women in Nurul Hikmah, after praying, they wear something like baju kurung, their night gown or t-shit and long pants (like how I wear) and TUDUNG. I seriously can't believe this la man. If you wana show off your body and your shoulder-length-thin hair, go to the Ugly Contest la, people come to the mosque for praying, not showing off damn it.

When all these happened, I felt like the KK Mosque is Kuala Lumpur and Nurul Hikmah is Sabah. You know what I mean?

Well that's all I have to share about my first visit to the KK Mosque just now. I think I have to go there every Tuesday now since my brothers both are having tuitions and the mosque makes moving around and picking them up easier. Oh man...

Shine on,


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