Monday, September 28, 2009

Gucci Spring Summer 2010 Women's Fashion Show
Just wana show you guys what I like here. =)

gucci spring summer 2010 fashion show
I love this one! I can wear like this all day! Just not the necklace. The whole theme is perfect, white, fresh and crisp. If I wana jazz it up, just add a bright belt, necklace chains or a different bag. Wish I can have it man..

gucci spring summer 2010 fashion show
Here's a nice one. But this, in my opinion, must have the belt on. If not, the whole UMPH will be gone. The bag...a fashion show, yes, but everyday wear to office? Nope. It will be something you have to check and be gentle on not to scratch it or bruise it or something.

gucci spring summer 2010 fashion show
I can see myself wearing this to an art gallery, something artistic, a music premier, or something for casual-office look. Just pair it with a cropped cardi or if you're the Personal Assistant or receptionist for a music company, pair it with a knitted cardi. Oh that's gonna be nice, right?

These was all I liked. Others..err...

Shine on,


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