Monday, September 21, 2009

Glamiva Raya 2009 1st Day Easy Make Up Look Tutorial
Hi everyone! I wana share you guys my look for yesterday! Oh before I forgot with all the excitement, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri! Maaf zahir batin, kalau ada salah silap, forgive me. Hehe..

make up hari raya 2009

I was rushing and I was thinking of something easy, natural yet there's a hint of color on my face. I was thinking of dark brown and tone it down with pink (my baju raya was pink too, so.. xD)

1. First is you wana wash your face, tone, moisturize, sunblock. Then prep your skin for the make up application (make up primer, something like that) or you can jump right on to the next step.

make up hari raya 2009
2. Foundation! I didn't need soo much product on my skin, so I just applied my Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse in True Beige foundation on the centre of my face (nose) and blend it outwards with my brush to just even out my skin tone and cover those minor imperfections. I avoided my eye area as I want to cover it gentler and more precision. I find it can cover 80% of my dark eye ring!

make up hari raya 2009
I use tap-swipe motion to take it out of the case and apply on my face. Then use my fingers to really blend it into my skin (the warmth from fingers will warm up the product and will blend seamlessly).

make up hari raya 2009
As for my eyes, I take my ring finger, dab it into the foundation and dab into my Za True White Two-Way Foundation in 32. This method is very good in preventing creasing! =) Then I would just dab on my eye area, beginning from my outer corner undereye area clockwise. You don't wana go anticlockwise as it will create more fine lines. After that, I powder my face lightly with the Za powder I used just now with the big make up brush.

make up hari raya 2009
This is how my eye looked after.
3. Next is eyeshadow! Like I said earlier, I was thinking of dark brown and some pink with it. Here are the products:

make up hari raya 2009
Eyeshadow brush and this four-colored eyeshadow from eNouvelle. It's RM13.90 I think and it was on sale for 50% when I bought it. =)

make up hari raya 2009
Above is the pink eyeshadow. It's Elianto Shimmer Shadow in 44 Blushing Pink. It's powder type and this will work well with the foundation I used as it will cling better to the mousse (mousse contains higher oil than powder form).

4. Then when I want to apply it, I dab it into myAnnemarie Borlind Rose Dew Facial Toner first. Any water is fine (mists, toners, sprays, fixer), as long as it's liquid and it can be used on face. Why? To make the eyeshadow last longer.

make up hari raya 2009
I put the rosewater onto my hand like above then dab the eyeshadow brush on.

5. This step, you can skip it but I just want to show you how. This is to line your eye. Same thing, grab a brush that's short and fine, use the same technique on the rosewater thingy and dab onto powder (eyeshadow is fine too) with the color of your choice. Start lining your lower lashline from outer corner and stop at the middle. You can go all the way to the inner corner but this is daytime and the color I used was dark and will look too harsh for daytime.

make up hari raya 2009
6. Eyebrows are very important like your eyes and mouth. They define your face and can either make or break your face. I used powder to fill in my brows and the brush I used was hard and has that slant on it- makes my job a lot easier. Note on black powders as they can make you look too harsh and be like on of the japanese cartoons with thick, short, black coal eyebrow. But if you must, be cautious with it and put a bit by bit at a time.

8. Blusher. I love this part and everytime I go to school, when I felt like I want a lil bit of make up, I put this on and it just lifts up my face and brings life to it. I usually smile and dab the powder on the apples of my cheek, circle motion on it, den blend it out to my temples. I like the blush to be on my apples, not all the way to my temples. But I've seen women with blushers all the way up to their temples and they looked nice as the color fades as they go higher.

9. Den lipcolor. I didn't do this yesterday cuz I know, there'll be a lot of eating and drinking as I visit homes and I don't want to bother myself to going in and out of the toilet every hour to touch up my listick. So just used my Annemarie Borlind lip balm. It's organic, so I won't be swallowing chemicals when I eat or drink with it. So I suggest all of you to use organic, because, if you rely on wiping-your-lipstick everytime before eating or drinking, YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO DO SO overtime. Trust me, I wanted to do this too and before I know it, I was like, aaaah, nevermind, just this once. And it went on and on, till I bought this organic lip balm. So when you're done eating and drinking, just reapply it. Best of all, you won't need mirror to do so! xD

make up hari raya 2009
Just for this tutorial, I put on the lipgloss above. xD It's from Tama and it's a brand from Indonesia, less than RM20 I bought. Smells fruity too, like Revlon's lipglosses.

make up hari raya 2009
Selamat hari raya! Happy raya everybody!

Shine on,


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