Sunday, September 20, 2009

8-Day Old Beaten And Raped by Her Own Father

Oh my, isn't this the sickest story of the year? 18 year old Reginald Davis raped and beat his 8-day old daughter in her 15-year old mother's own house. Worse, there WAS SOMEBODY IN THE HOUSE during the crime took place. Oh my god!! This is infuriating and I get more and more angry as I watched this video!

This is form Arkansas, this story. It made headlines in EyeWitness News. The baby's skull was reported to be damaged, cracked or something. She's hospitalized currently and the news doesn't have an update on her condition. Hope she'll be better and get good parents after this. Poor girl man. What was he thinking?? He should be raped too then! See if he likes it! Hope he's locked in a cell full with gays!

Shine on,


  1. I'm due november 17 w/ a girl I don't know how I could live if my new born got raped by the man thats suppose to be her father then he goes farther 2 crack her skull ... I don't know how the hell she didn't kill him because I wouldn't be able to contain myself it brings tears 2 my eyes everytime I think about it ... I guess I can't judge the mother until they interveiw her because I'm assuming she wants 2 die or s is just as sick as the father aka diigusting ass bitch

  2. Hi Arlette. Congrats on having your baby soon! Sorry to hear about this new's effect on you, knowing that you'll be getting a baby girl. Yeah, it's either she's as sick as he is or she's helpless about her baby. Now that you mention it, I wonder why they didn't interview her.


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