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10 Best Family Dogs
best family dogs
Image from gotpetsonline.com

Golden Retriever is on the top! First on the chart for Top Dog Breeds for Families, Golden Retrievers are easy to train and make lovable, extremely intelligent pets that are gentle with children and friendly toward other pets. I never know that they have sweet eager-to-please personality makes them devoted to family. Awww.. Learn how to raise them, something like rules and tips for owners in the house on barking, playing and being obedient.

best family dogs
Image from http://www.picturesdepot.com/dogs/15204/beagle.html

Second comes Beagles, the number one dog topping the charts at Dog Breed Information Central. These adorable dogs are friendly and gentle, making them a good choice for a family environment.

best family dogs
Image from puppydogweb.com

At GoPetsAmerica.com, the number one dog listed as good with children is the Labrador Retriever! They're kind, outgoing, obedient, eager to please and non-aggressive towards people or animals. What's the difference between Labrador Retrievers and Golden Retrievers? Click here to get the answer and more answers on FAQs.

Image from www.dogbreedinfo.com/

Top Dog Breeds for Families at PetPlace.com is the Pembroke Welsh Corgi in the number two spot. These small dogs are smart, obedient, protective, active and make a devoted family dog. They can make good watch dogs because they don't trust strangers and did I mention that they are super cute? My god I never knew a dog so cute!! For more information, click right here!

Image from www.i-love-pugs.com

At Best Family Dogs, the number three recommended dog is the pug. Pugs have a sense of humor (click here to view pictures of them!) and make great playmates for kids. These dogs are eager to please and offer their families a lot of love. Lots of em!

Image from www.breederretriever.com

Irish Setter! What a beautiful dog. NorCal Irish Setter Rescue, Inc. (California, US) is a non-profit organization dedicated to finding permanent homes, or "forever homes", for homeless or unwanted Irish Setters. Find them if you're looking for this cute dog! They look like Lassie don't they? Next in line is..~~

Image from wtf-is-with-my-life.com

Schnauzer. Aren't they cute?

Image from blogs.seattleweekly.com/

Poodle! Bear in mind they have several sizes - Standard (Grande) poodle, Medium (Moyen) poodle, Miniature (Dwarf, Nain) poodle and Toy poodle. Do you know that poodles are regarded as one of the most intelligent breeds of dog in Wikipedia?

Image from mka.com.my/

Jack Russell Terrier, although they are playful with the kids, they are stronger and likes to explore and always up to their feet.

Image from greatdogsite.com/

Next on is Springer Spaniel, one of many spaniel breeds. They are very affectionate dogs and are outgoing and friendly.

Those are all the top 10 Best Family Dogs! Gee I wish cats get attention like these. xD

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