Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Feddjit: Live Traffic Feed!
I found this great website! Feedjit offers FREE widgets on Live Traffic Feed, Live Traffic Map, Recommended Reading and Page Popularity.

Feedjit Live Traffic Feed Widget shows statistics on your website in real-time A.K.A online! It shows:

* Which city and country your visitors are in
* Which website they arrived from, if any*
* Which page they visited on your website*
* Which external link they clicked to leave your site, if any*

This is the widget I added to my blog, I put it on the right side of the blog. =)

Feedjit Live Traffic Map Widget shows the geographic locations of the last 100 visitors to your blog or website on a small map. If you move your mouse over any point on the map the city and country for that visitor will be displayed.

Feedjit Recommended Reading Widget suggests other pages on your Blog or Website that may interest your readers. It does this using a sophisticated algorithm called Collaborative Filtering.

Feedjit Page Popularity Widget shows the most popular pages on your blog or website by analyzing your recent traffic patterns. It constantly updates as new visitors arrive on your website and maintains an up to date list of popular pages.

All of these widgets you can customize it as in the colours! How nice, I just added mine, what about you?

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