Thursday, July 2, 2009

Amazingly CUTE Cats..once Alone and Astray
cute pets dog cat

Finnegan is one of the cats featured in's "Welcome Home! Your Newly Adopted Cats" article which features 12 of the cutest rescued from hunger and cold cats in honor of June's Adopt-A-Cat-Month! He was adopted by Laurie Crawford.

I love his orangey-yellow fur~! What a kitty to have!

cute pets dog cat
This is an interesting cat for you to see! Waffle is a half-munchkin and half persian!! Wow! And the result- "He is one big ball of fur and purr," writes owner Susan Cowan.

Those big, black, sparkling eyessss!!! =3

cute pets dog cat
Kimberly Couzens rescued Babe from death! "I saw an ad on Craigslist saying he would be put to sleep in the morning if someone didn't rescue him. Now he's adjusting to life in his new home wonderfully!" (Revision: Babe is a he. xD)

Why would people wana kill cats?? Just let them wander around and find their life! Geez. I just don't get it.

cute pets dog cat
Cheryl Hickey, dog-cat relationship is so nice when it goes well! Owner of Mabel and Bouncer (siblings people!) said, "They were welcomed by older cats Sylvia and Jasmin and Choo Choo the dog." "They all just love playing together, and it's a happy, exciting home!"

OMG!! They look so furry! Like dolls!!

cute pets dog cat
"I caught them in their new kitten condo taking a breather!" exclaimed Belinda Isley. This pair of cute siblings are named Reba and Oliver. There's sad story behind their playfulness- they were abandoned when their eyes were still shut. So sad la, but they have a happy ending after all! (Psst: They are the top one for Click the Cutest Contest with a whooping 4,645 votes! You can join too if you want).

And there's Stella (a Maine coon kitty), Catrina, Kody (who looks like my previous cat, only diff colour!),Belle and Barney (who's gonna get a brother and sister very soon! Just wait there little one!).

Shine on,


  1. thanks for the mention! Babe is really excited to be an internet celebrity :)

  2. He sure does! Be the world's attention and I'm sure he's glad to be with you kimberly! =)


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