Monday, June 8, 2009

Times Bookstore Sale in Asia City!
times bookstore sale at asia city kota kinabalu sabah

"Oh, my, LORD!!", screamed my heart when I saw the books in Asia City this morning. They were on 50% and 40% discounts~!!! It was on some biography books, non-fiction books, journeys, adventures, all from overseas and local. That's the RM10 for 3. Can you believe it?? Times! It's Times from Warisan Square that! That bookstore that sells magazines and oversea books. See how many those books are! It's a sea of knowledge here and it's cheap, cheap, CHEAP~!

There's anime too~! Fruitbasket and Angel if I'm not mistaken, there's hundreds more, believe me! Those seies books got also, and those like one-go anime also got. But the price for one book is averagely RM10. And it's thin, not so sure about it's worthness on buying it.

There's stacks more of fiction books, adventures, pregnant books, computer, business, health books, and lots more~! Just imagine, the fair consumes the whole centre part of the building on the ground floor and it extends on the 1st floor too~!

times bookstore sale at asia city kota kinabalu sabah

times bookstore sale at asia city kota kinabalu sabah
Chinese books are on the 1st floor. There's lots of them too!

Books are priced at RM20+ the highest that I saw, and cheapest is 3 for RM10. If not, it's RM10 for one. I bought a book by Lisa Jewel and some other books, I like her writing! I got it for RM12, it's priced at 6.99 POUNDS. Imagine how much I saved. You do the math.

times bookstore sale at asia city kota kinabalu sabah
So, whadaya think? And hey, I saw some progress there! There's this small skating area further next to the fair. And there were kids there skating. =)

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  1. I love your site. I love visiting sites like this I hope you can send me more photos of those books that you were talking bout. If I could just go there myself and read them all.

  2. Thanks! I hope there'd be something more like this one in the future. I don't think that's possible, can't scan the books as they're all thick.


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