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June 08, 2009

treat care for nail crack

Here's something I wana share with you guys out there, that is on how to get rid of the crack you sometimes get on you toes or fingernails, but I usually get them on my toes. Here's my left toenail where I got it recently and it's really annying to see it whenever I wear anything that bares my toes.

treat care for nail crack

Okay first you take this buffer here, this one I got from Watsons and it has 4 different sides with different feels. One is the filer (shapes the nails), a mildest-coarse (to smooth out the nail plate- surface of the nail)-white, and 2 smooth buffers in pink and grey colour. I like this buffer (black side) as it really does make the crack go away and the white side really does smooth out the nail after the first step. It's barely RM10 and you can get it on any Watson's store here in KK, don't know about other places la. For those who can't get it, anything that's rough, hard, will do. It will get it off as the nail isn't soft, it's hard too, so get something that's hard too.

treat care for nail crack
Now use the most coarse side, which is the filer (black), and swipe it on your nail plate. Use only ONE direction as multiple directions can break and ruin the grooves of the nail, put it that way.

treat care for nail crack
Hehe, excuse the ugly toe. This is how your nail will look like after you do it. The nail plate's cells are gone and if you have those hard, bumpy nail at one end of the toenail, you can do it there too to thin it out as needed. But not too thin though, I did it before, I didn't know kan. So the nails became really sharp as it was really thin and then I knew that was for the ridge of the nails, not the nail plate. Geez. xD

treat care for nail crack
And last, use the white side of the buffer to smooth out your nail. It has this mild-coarse feel but it's more to soft than coarse. This watson's buffer really does it's job and I love it as it is affordable too. =)Same thing like step one just now, just ONE direction, no need multiple directions ya.

treat care for nail crack
And here's the finished result~! Isn't it wonderful??

treat care for nail crack

treat care for nail crack

That time I did extra as there were some dirt in my toenail. I used a pusher with a blade and "scoope", as I call it. I used the blade part and take all the dirt out.

After this you can continue with buffing cream and buffer, cuticle oils, strengthener and nail polishes. =) Have fun~!

Shine on,

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