Monday, June 29, 2009

HEADS UP: H1N1 is in Sabah already!
h1n1 in sabah malaysia
Images and names has been..well, cut off, so that their privacy is safe with me. Hehe, sorry for the amateur work. And you gotta click on the picture here to see the text, it's really blurr, don't know why. I have tried enlarging the picture more but the size is just the same after uploading. So just click on it!

Oh my god. My friend from the academy just posted in her facebook page that the headmaster of the academy (revision: Rozsall, Damai) has been infected with the dreaded virus, H1N1~!! OMG!! Was I shocked or shocked??? Oh man, she told me that the headmistress got infected by her daughter, don't know how or where the daughter have been, but we'll soon find out on Wednesday (I'm on holiday now, be back there on Wednesday that is).

And I thought Sabah's safe from the virus! Because u know, the virus needs 2 'filtrations' -the airport where they come from and the airport where they land. But STILL, it manages to bust the 'filters'! Boy this virus is genius!

The headmistress had been away for some time, she told us that she's been sick. Like you know, the normal fever, sick la. Since last week..around Tuesday I think. Geez man! Luckily the staff there isn't infected, if they are, everybody in the academy has to check up! May Allah have mercy on us and protect us all, those who aren't infected. Aminnnnn...

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