Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Olde Station now opens in Damai, Luyang!
I was so excited when my friend told me about it opening just below our academy few weeks ago. They have renovated the place again of course, i just hope this one business will stay long, not like Pizza Ria nor South Rock Cafe, who, I think, stayed for 2-3 months only. Pity huh? I saw those two didn't have any customers, don't know why. Maybe because I don't know how is the food and it's new for me. But with Olde Station, I think it will stay long because I myself was so pumped on going there and be one of the first customers. =)

So last week when it opened (I think I went on the second day of its opening, which was on Saturday), I and my colleagues went there to eat! I wanted to try something new, other than the Fried Mee Hoon with Chicken Curry (I swear I never ate anything else but this!) again and again! So I went to Mee Rebus. BUT to my disappointment, I got a yellow mee (mi kuning) with some sweet and sour sauce with "cucur udang" as they call it, which was reaaaaaaaallly NOT UDANG-like and it tasted more like flour rather than prawns to me and half of a boiled egg. And it cost me RM9.5 (Just a la carte, not the one with free drink ya). Geez!!! I'll ever order that again! And worse, it wasn't ANYTHING like what it looked in the menu, which looked sooo nice with the meehoon and soup with real-like fried cucur udangs and half boiled egg and some decoration of the greens. I wanted something healthy! And that wasn't even HEALTHY! Didn't wana go all bitchy and go berserk, cuz that was 1st trip there, so didn't wana spoil it. And the waitresses greeted us, so you all are forgiven.

But my friends orderd real good stuff like the Asam Laksa, the Wantan with the Sesame Seeds (Chow Chung..something =P) and the Chicken Curry! OMG that was reaaaaaalllly nice! The best of all for me! But as we all know, the most delicious food is the worst, so I thnk I'll get it once in a blue moon. =) I don't eat curries as much too.

The atmosphere there was okay, all black setting as usual, with the classic traditional round tables and chairs and there were only seats for 4, not 5 or more, which is not really practical, what if there's more people? Combine the round tables together? Maybe. And there's these area of air conditioned and Open air (nearer to the entrance than the one with the AC). So I'm perfectly okay with that! Reall 10/10 for you on that!

Oh my god I forgot about the popia! It costs RM2.7 (not including tax, I think it will be RM3+ la). SOooo nice! It had sengkuang (not much of it, the one at Palm Square is more 300%), peanuts and..thats all I could taste, don't know if there's anything else, but it's still nice! 7/10 for that! =) there's Roti Kahwin too! RM2.20 only (again, not including tax).

I googled about this restaurant but found nothing! So it's not a chain restaurant?? Or maybe it is but doesn't have any website? =Z

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